jason viloria
jason viloria
Great grave yard staff
Kim Feller
Kim Feller
We were there recently for a large event. Parking was very limited and we had to park behind the store, quite a ways down. Just glad it wasn't raining. For our event, space was limited which hindered the flow of people moving, but I think that was also due to the extra set up that was in the lobby. No ones fault, just stating. During the event, it got pretty warm off and on, which made it uncomfortable. The sound and stage were great, and located where everyone could see. I enjoyed the intimacy of the setting and think that other events here would also be enjoyable.
Michele Walker
Michele Walker
It was a beautiful venue! Would recommend it for a wedding if possible!
Claudya Ruiz
Claudya Ruiz
We hosted our daughters sweet 15 at this venue and it was the best decision we made. They have an AMAZING team to work with, they are flexible and very helpful with everything. Stacey is the best to work with, she was always on top of thing and always willing to help in whatever was needed. This amazing team made our event less stressful. I highly recommend this venue!
Brett Wright
Brett Wright
This place is dope!! Thanks for an amazing weekend!! The AV team is unreal!
Awesome event space. Came for the Alchemy Event. Doug crushed it!
Kelsey Cate
Kelsey Cate
What a lovely event space this is! And we also really appreciated their valet team, who are always so cheerful and helpful, including Jackson! 🙂
Bryan Bean
Bryan Bean
I'm probably the wrong person to give this place a rating, as the experiences delivered here are the kind I try to avoid. I'm not a fan of sensory overload, generally speaking. That said, it was fine. I liked the spaces outside the main hall, a nice little break from the obligatory corporate sturm und drang. The food was very good and the staff were nice. Experience!
Amazing venue. And full service. Can’t believe all the options and how easy it is to provide this for my customers. A huge level up. Staff is super friendly and focused on delivering MAX value. I just haven’t seen anything like this available out there.
Ryan Holyoak
What a great place! It’s a uncovered gem in Utah Valley. I attended many events here. The staff is professional and accommodating. They take care of everything! The premier event center in Utah Valley
Jeffrey Carlson
I had my wedding here and it was such an incredible experience. We had plenty of room to prep supplies and people, and the AV set up was literally second to none.
Marianne Hickman
Super clean event center, tons of creative rooms, you could use for a ton of different types of events. The happy valley comedy show was really funny when we went as well.
Joseph Sebaske
Went to a comedy show here and absolutely loved it. They did an amazing job and it was funny. Very entertaining in a team.
Andrea Lauren Reeder
Incredible venue with the latest on technology. The staff are friendly and are quick to provide the best solutions. It seats about 500 comfortably.
Derrick Larsen
The new management here is great. Super high class environment and equipment. Gotta check this place out. I went in to put my foot in the door as a musician and wow, I wasn’t disappointed
W Paul Pulsipher
This place is legendary. The staff was sure to make certain that all our needs were met. The event was ran smoothly.
Bronson Young
Have always had a great experience with this place. Was especially grateful when we held our own even, as lighting, A/V, and communication were top notch.
Barrett Burgin
Had a great experience here with an event for The Glass Lookers. Everyone is friendly.
Luis Puente
The venue has state of the art tech that was perfect for our concerts and wedding reception. Everyone we have worked with there was great and I have not seen a place similar to this yet in Utah County. Highly recommend you check it out and see if it fits your needs.
Henry Ammar
I can absolutely recommend the EEC for whatever event you may have in mind. Every time I've been here, whether it was for a large, bombastic affair with multitudes of attendees, or for small, intimate conferences, the EEC has had sufficient resources to facilitate not only acceptable experiences, but truly noteworthy ones. Frankly I find it rather impressive that such a capable facility exists in a town such as Provo, but I'm glad it does. Both the visual and auditory components of the EEC have generally worked reliably, with very little "finicking" required (always seems to be a point of weakness in similarly equipped spaces). Overall, definitely worth your consideration!
Erik Naumann

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