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If you’re looking for a business conference venue in Utah County, you’ll love Experience (EXP) Event Center.

We’re a full-service venue that’s located in the heart of downtown Provo, Utah. For large and small conferences, we have versatile ballrooms and VIP rooms that cater to any gathering. Plus, we offer onsite parking, food, and beverage services.

What Experience Event Center Has to Offer

Our high-tech lighting, audio, and visual equipment give your presentation the edge it needs to be a memorable experience for all your guests. Let presenters shine with the help of our professional crew and amenities.

We’re happy to help set up and breakdown for your event, or you can bring in your crew to do it for you. Let us know how we can help with all the details, from planning the layout and the event to setting the mood with lighting and food service. Make your conferences, retreats, and other events memorable for all the right reasons thanks to Experience Event Center planning and assistance.

Event Rooms at Experience Event Center

Our Utah County venue can accommodate conferences in a variety of sizes. With 10,000 square feet of versatile meeting space, we know you’ll feel comfortable and prepared for your event.

  • Large Ballroom: 600-person capacity
  • Small Ballroom: 250-person capacity
  • VIP Room: 50-person capacity
  • Conference Room: 30-person capacity

Our divided meeting space allows you to have multiple presenters at a conference, or one large gathering all at once. Plus, we have a green room for the talent or presenters to retreat to before and after their public speaking.

Event hall with stage and chairs set up


Guests Love Experience Event Center

Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett
One of the best venues I have been to in a long time. Everything was done so professionally and with speed. Anything we asked to change in the presentation they did. Very large and beautiful place. Definitely recommend for venues that need 400 - 500 people.... just fantastic
Glen M. Danielsen
Glen M. Danielsen
I attended the 3-day FAIR Conference recently at this excellent venue, and was extremely impressed! Helpful staff and perfect environs inside.
Michael Scott Photography
Michael Scott Photography
Amazing venue with excellent service.
Valarie Gore
Valarie Gore
This is THE top event center in Utah. The sounds system and lighting is incredible-they automatically provide a professional AV team so I didn't have to worry about doing all of that. The venue itself is super large and modern. Everything is clean and detailed. The bathrooms are excellent. They provide staff to keep them continuously clean during the event. The staff is very flexible on timing and pricing, which I appreciated. They also took care of providing a parking team and security. They made the process as easy as possible. When you are planning an event, it can be overwhelming but they are super eager to help where they can.
Elisabeth Bentley
Elisabeth Bentley
Super pretty and comfortable area to have a business meeting. Unfortunately in the smaller conference room it has motion sensors lights and I had to stand up and move to amen the lights turn back on about 4 times throughout my meeting which was frustrating and annoying. Otherwise, nice place.
Cathi Bishop Call
Cathi Bishop Call
Great venue loved the conference
Leah Stoltzfus
Leah Stoltzfus
Its the best place for our events! Stacey is the best/everyone on staff! Leah
Juan Carlos Mayo
Juan Carlos Mayo
Muy buen lugar 👌
Perfect venue for business conferences

Amazing Venue for Any Event

Whether you need us to be a hub for big brand launches, a soothing retreat center, or an extra special dinner venue, we deliver premium services for any type of event. From awards ceremonies to corporate dinners, EXP Events welcomes it all.

Award Ceremonies

If you host an award ceremony for your employees or volunteers, Experience Event Center is the perfect venue for doing so. Whether you bring in a DJ, want to show video footage, or just need an upscale venue for a fancy dinner, you can present awards in style with us. 

We promise your guests will take home more than just their award; they’ll also be taking home the knowledge that your business takes pride in its team and wants to recognize their accomplishments by going the extra mile when it comes to presentation.

Place settings in the EXP ballroom


Looking for a space to host a corporate dinner or a reception? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a company-wide dinner, we can meet your needs and make your event’s atmosphere as casual or elegant as you’d like. Send off retiring employees in style, or welcome new hires with an annual dinner in their honor at our venue.

Business Conference


Make a good impression on your guests by hosting your corporate fundraiser with us. We provide unparalleled visual and audio experiences for attendees to wow them and encourage them to support your cause.



Whether you’re hosting a corporate gala to celebrate the holidays, a fundraiser, or an achievement on behalf of your company, our event center in Provo, UT, is the perfect venue. We can elevate the evening thanks to our professional experience and high-tech production equipment. From the music and lighting to the seating arrangements and place settings, your gala will be a night to remember.

Holiday Celebration

Holiday Celebrations

No matter what you’re celebrating, you can do so in style at Experience Event Center. Offering accessibility for guests as well as intimate and spacious gathering rooms, we make every fête festive. No matter what time of year, let us help you make things merry and bright for your corporate holiday celebration.

Product launches

Product Launches

Have something big to share with the world? You can host amazing product launch events with us! 

From the big reveal to the smallest details, we’re here to offer the resources you need to make a splash in your industry. Branding is a huge part of your identity, and we take that seriously. Our professional services ens

Sales Team Meeting

Sales Team Meetings

Invite members of your industry and the public to Experience Event Center for your next trade show. With 10,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, you can create the ultimate floor plan to promote the exploration of products and services offered by your business and others while getting to meet with other professionals in your industry.

Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Invite members of your industry and the public to Experience Event Center for your next trade show. With 10,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, you can create the ultimate floor plan to promote the exploration of products and services offered by your business and others while getting to meet with other professionals in your industry.

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Simply fill out our quick online form to provide details about your event vision, including:

  • Expected guest count
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  • Preferred date and time
  • Any specific audio/visual needs

Our team will create a customized quote tailored to your requirements. Let’s make your event truly exceptional!